The Bland Bicyle - 2018-10-29

I’m currently working on a bit of rambling for the website titled “Bridge”. I’ve always appreciated a good bridge. Not the bicycle bridge (as seen here). And no, not the over-a-river-or-whatnot bridge either. I’ve always enjoyed a good musical bridge. The interlude.

Music rarely gives me chills, but when it does those shivers always come from the bridge. The change in key. The altering of tempo. The song within a song—temporary and full of contrast—that seems to reveal something about its author. I have a feeling songs and albums tend to write themselves, but the bridges?… those definitely don’t just magically unfold. They’re deliberate and a challenge to compose, I would bet.

I’m about two-and-a-half verses deep into this hobby, still writing the first song on my no-doubt-shitty, self-recorded EP. As such, I think it’s time I tackle my first bridge. I’ll let you know when it’s ready for airplay.

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