Underseasoned bicycles.

Way up in the hills of Portland, above a garage, on a dead-end street sits my little studio space. For a couple hours each evening—after the dog is fed and the four-year-old is asleep—I head up there to work on this stuff, here. The Bland Bicycle is the desperately underseasoned, inexperienced “work” of a serial hobbyist, currently learning to make a thing.

There’s nothing here for sale. The bicycles on this website aren’t made for others. Like the bicycle itself, this is just for fun. Or at least it should be. I hope you enjoy the ride.

For a more thorough introduction, read this journal post.

Why "Bland", You Ask?

Something is bland if it is underseasoned—lacking skill or salt. That's me and my metalwork. Inexperienced. Amateur. Taseteless. Boring. Got it? You're welcome to call the really-nice bicycles you make whatever you'd like; the relatively-crappy bicycles I make are just Bland.

Want to work together?

In a (slightly more) professional capacity, I run a one-man graphic and web design shop in Portland, Oregon. If you've liked what you've seen or read here, feel free to get in touch.